The distant stage of the ChemCamp V Olympiad has finished on 27th November 2016.
You can see the results and the solution here.

Those participants who have been invited to the Intramural Stage will get an e-mail with some additional information soon. In February 2017 the 2nd (additional) Distant Stage will take place only for Russian-speaking participants. The final list of the participants of Intramural Stage will be published at the end of February, compiled of winners of 1st (English-speaking) and 2nd (Russian-speaking) Distant Stages.

International Student Forum ChemCamp is an annual meeting for young chemists from Russia, as well as from CIS and European countries, and we are going to expand our geography. The Forum takes place in March at the Moscow State University and includes various events such as talks by outstanding scientists, presentations of chemical and oil industry companies, trainings in self-development, business games, etc.

ChemCamp is not only unique platform for open communication of colleagues from different countries and place where they can learn more about modern chemical research and industry. It also represents a number of contests for chemistry students. In this year, we are opening the main event of the forum, “Intellectual Challenge: International Student Chemistry Olympiad” for English-speaking audience. Therefore, now every student can express his broad chemical knowledge, scientific erudition and other talents in the intellectual competition to be marked as the smartest among the international community of chemistry students. Are you ready to meet this challenge? We are looking forward to see you at the ChemCamp! Just fill in the registration form below.

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