International Chemistry Olympiad

International Chemistry Olympiad

The distant stage of the ChemCamp V Olympiad has finished on 27th November 2016.


We gladly invite to the Intramural Stage of ChemCamp Chemistry Olympiad the participants whose score is higher than 30 pts:

Lastname Firstname Nationality City Total
Danchovski Yanislav Bulgaria Sofia 48,75
Bizga Nicolescu Radu Costin Romania Cambridge 47,5
Borisov Boris Bulgaria Sofia 43,7
Serik Erkin Kazakhstan Almaty 42,95
Raičević Vidak Serbia Novi Sad 39,2
Borislavov Lyuben Bulgaria Sofia 36,2
Cicnaev Mihail Moldova Chisinau 33,7
Raclea Robert Romania Galati 33,6
Cebanu Lulian Romania Bucharest 32,8

Download the Solutions of the Distant Stage

Those participants who have been invited to the Intramural Stage will get an e-mail with some additional information soon.
In February 2017 the 2nd (additional) Distant Stage will take place only for Russian-speaking participants. The final list of the participants of Intramural Stage will be published at the end of February, compiled of winners of 1st (English-speaking) and 2nd (Russian-speaking) Distant Stages.

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The main event of the ChemCamp-2017, “Intellectual Challenge: International Student Chemistry Olympiad” is the contest, which is organized following the ideas of International Mendeleev Olympiad for high-school students. Chemistry Olympiad implies individual competition in solving original problems which deal with state-of-art aspects of fundamental and applied chemistry. Solving problems of the Olympiad, participants are supposed to show their broad chemical knowledge, general scientific erudition and ability to find non-trivial solutions. Final round consists of 5 problems that cover various chemistry fields. The topics of the problems are respectively “Inorganic Chemistry. Chemistry in Material Science”, “Physical Chemistry”, “Organic synthesis. Pharmaceutical and Medical Chemistry”, “Chemistry of living systems” and “Chemical Technology”. All the problems are written by outstanding Professors and Research staff from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The terms:
Problems of the Olympiad will be available in English and in Russian.
Participants will have 4 hours to write down their solutions.
It’s forbidden to use any printed or written resources during the solving time except the materials provided by organizers (Periodic Table, etc.).
Participants may use their own electronic calculators; however, PCs, tablets and phones are strongly prohibited.
Solutions provided by the participants will be checked and estimated (max score for every problem is 10) by the Olympiad Jury, which consists of the authors of the problems.
Original solutions will be provided by the Olympiad Jury just after the 4-hour-period of actual competition.
Every participant is able to discuss his work and score with authors of problems during the Work Discussion Procedure.
The one who gets the highest total score becomes a Winner of the Chemistry Olympiad.

You can download the tasks here:
Problems of International Chemistry Olympiad

Important date: 
27th November 2016 - The deadline for registration and sending the solutions